Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Boss

The Boss is now available in a collected edition.
Published through Random House the complete Boss is now available to buy and can be found at your nearest book merchant, just in time for Christmas.

DFC Library: The Boss by
Patrice Aggs & John Aggs

Meet the crime-fighters from Class Five.

When Nas and Bella overhear a crook planning a daring robbery at the castle, they know just who to tell. The Boss is the smartest kid in school. Never outsmarted or outwitted, he's marshalled his class into a crime-fighting unit that could run rings round Interpol. And with the class heading for a field trip to the castle that very day, it's the perfect chance to find out what the thieves are up to - and just maybe catch them red-handed...

The Phoenix!

Hello! I just thought I'd let you all know about my new Comic which will be appearing in the Phoenix. "What's the Phoenix?" i hear you say.

The Phoenix is a new weekly story comic, coming from the creators of the DFC. It will feature competitions and puzzles and stories of epic proportions! So will YOU want to know 'What Will Happen Next?!' If you do ( and i know you do ) head on down and click the link below for more information and a preview of my new comic.