Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Boss

The Boss is now available in a collected edition.
Published through Random House the complete Boss is now available to buy and can be found at your nearest book merchant, just in time for Christmas.

DFC Library: The Boss by
Patrice Aggs & John Aggs

Meet the crime-fighters from Class Five.

When Nas and Bella overhear a crook planning a daring robbery at the castle, they know just who to tell. The Boss is the smartest kid in school. Never outsmarted or outwitted, he's marshalled his class into a crime-fighting unit that could run rings round Interpol. And with the class heading for a field trip to the castle that very day, it's the perfect chance to find out what the thieves are up to - and just maybe catch them red-handed...

And can be found here DFC Library: The Boss


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